Energy Efficient, Worry Free Equipment

Saving money – and hassle – is important.

That’s why we use equipment that won’t break your budget in terms of energy use. Our intelligent equipment is more efficient, and more hassle-free. All you have to do is enjoy your pool and spa – along with your savings.


Our pool and spa filters and pumps come with many energy-saving and time-saving features. Your consultant will review all of your options to create an equipment package that will best suit your needs.


Digital heaters are highly energy efficient. They heat water fast and operate at low cost. You can control the temperature easily with an electronic thermostat, a handheld remote, or even with an app from your smartphone. Heaters are available in both gas and electric.


A clear, beautiful appearance and a long-lasting interior pool finish are both the product of adequate water purification. Master Built can advise you on the many ways to sanitize and chlorinate your pool or spa. Perhaps your pool is best suited for automatic chlorinators that work with pool salt, Or, as an alternative, you may wish to opt for a natural process such as ozonation, which purifies with air, has no odor, is chemical-free, doesn’t damage skin or hair, and is even safe for pets.


We believe you should spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it. That’s why we offer in-floor cleaning systems that pop-up from the pool’s interior surface to clean dirt and debris (even from the steps and benches) and drain it through the pool filtration. The system also infuses clean filtered water, pre-heated, throughout the pool or spa, saving you money on chemicals and heating. We also offer dedicated pool vacuums that work in conjunction with the circulation pump to pick up dirt and debris. This makes cleaning out your pump basket and filter grid even easier.


Put the control of your entire backyard in the palm of your hand. We’ll create a system where all of your equipment – from spa jets to heater controls to lighting and water features – can be controlled while you’re soaking in your pool or spa. Changing your equipment’s settings won’t cost you a moment of relaxation. Choose from a variety of systems to fit your needs.

You deserve the best.
And your backyard does, too.
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