Money-Saving Pool Tips In Las Vegas

Having a pool is an investment of time and money, we completely understand that. Planning for extreme temperatures during the summer and fitting your pool with energy-efficient equipment can save quite a bit of money over the long run.

1. Cover Your Pool

Covering your pool is the single most energy-efficient thing you can do. With Las Vegas temperatures getting as hot as they can, covering your pool will help with temperature control and the loss of water due to evaporation in the sun.

2. Automatic Timers

Having timers set up to your specifications will allow your pool to only use energy when you’ve set it to. Getting a schedule together will help you waste time and energy with unnecessary waste.

Pool Tips In Las Vegas

3. Reduce The Temperature

According to the US Department of Energy, “The energy consumption for each degree rise in temperature will cost 10%–30% more in energy costs, depending on your location. In warmer climates, this percentage is higher because of the relatively low cost of heating a pool at 78ºF.”

4. Energy-Efficient Equipment

When choosing the right company to build your pool, be sure to ask about energy-efficient equipment such as filters, heaters, and LED lighting to help save on energy and costs in the future.

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