Health Benefits Of Owning A Spa


As you can certainly tell by now, we’re much more than just another pool design company. In addition to the complete backyard makeover we offer our clients, we also recommend adding an attached spa to your new pool. The health benefits are plenty!

1. Pain Relief

It’s true, heat can clear up your aches and pains. A British Journal of Rheumatology published a study reported that spa therapy has short and long-term benefits for people with body pain. The group participating in the spa therapy showed significant improvement and their use of analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs had decreased after six months.

2. Bounce Back Faster

Soaking after a rigorous physical activity helps you heal faster and feel better the next day. This helps avoid muscle soreness, increase blood circulation, and reduce lactic acid that causes fatigue in your muscles.

3. Stress Relief

Have you ever met someone that didn’t relax after a nice soak in a spa? We didn’t think so. Sitting in a spa helps the body release endorphins, increase blood flow, and the jets can help massage out any muscle soreness. This will clear up any lingering muscle tension, headaches, or overall ached and pains.

4. Better Sleep

Studies show that soaking in a hot tub or spa for 2-3 hours before bedtime can help insomniacs achieve a deeper, more relaxing sleep. It’s recommended to take a soak in 102-degree water 2-3 hours before bedtime – you will relax you and re-set your body thermostat, helping you fall asleep faster.

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