Building a Custom Las Vegas Pool and Spa

You can have a pool or you can have a custom Las Vegas pool! What does that mean? Everything else in Las Vegas is unique, beautiful, bold, and custom – your backyard should be too. Today we’re going to show you the steps needed to build your custom Las Vegas pool.

Recently, we posted a checklist of everything you need to consider before building your custom Las Vegas pool, you can read it by clicking here.

Once you’ve gone through the checklist, made the tough decisions, and start your build – this is what you can expect the steps to look like.

1. Access Pre-site

1 Access Presite

2. Yard Pre-site

2 Yard Presite

3. Pool and Spa Layout

3 Pool & Spa Layout

4. Access During Excavation

4 Access During Excavation

5. Excavation and Form Completion

5 Excavation & Form Complete

6. Pool and Spa Plumbing

6 Pool & Spa Plumbing

7. Pool and Spa Steel

7 Pool & Spa Steel

8. Equipment and Electric Panel Install

8 Equipment & Electric Panel Install

9. Gas Line Install

9 Gas Line Install

10. Concrete Shell Complete Planter Wall Layout

10 Concrete Shell Complete Planter Wall Layout

11. Planter Wall Complete – Tile Started

11 Planter Wall Complete Tile Start

12. Tile Complete Coping and Deck Form

12 Tile Complete Coping & Deck Form

13. Coping and Deck Poured

14 Coping & Deck Poured

14. Deck Topping Complete

15 Deck Topping Complete

15. Yard Clean and Pool Prep For Plaster

16 Yard Clean & Pool Prep For Plaster

16. Pool and Spa Plaster Complete

17 Pool & Spa Plaster Complete


17. Pool, Spa Plaster, and Landscape Complete

18 Pool, Spa Plaster & Landscape Complete


The team at Master Built Custom Pools and Spas is meticulous and focused on every single detail, every step of the way. When you take the step to build a beautiful, custom Las Vegas pool in your backyard, we want it to be exactly how you imagined it.

We take pride in providing you a professional in-ground pool & spa as well as many other backyard concepts – all at a competitive price. We dedicate ourselves to fine craftsmanship, bold imagination, and always putting the client first.

Best of all, you’ve got peace of mind. We’re a strong, financially stable company with a history of satisfied clients throughout the Valley. You can have the utmost confidence in your investment, knowing it’s been built by a reliable company that always stands by its work.

Are you looking to build a custom Las Vegas pool in your backyard? Contact our team by clicking here.


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