How To Prepare Your Pool For A Party

Independence Day is just a few days away and we want to make sure your pool is perfect for the big party you plan on throwing. Follow these steps and you’ll quickly be crowned the pool master of your inner circle.

1. Clean it up!

First things first, clear out any debris that is floating on the surface of your pool. Get your filtration system running and all filters and baskets completely cleaned out.

2. Top off the water.

Has it been a while since your last get-together in the backyard? Get your pool to the perfect water level before people start arriving. Clear your filter cartridges and wash it completely out of any gunk or debris.


3. Call a professional.

We completely respect your ability to take care of your pool. With that being said, a quick meeting with a professional can lead to the water being tested to make sure that your total alkalinity, pH, and chlorine levels are all where you want them.

4. Balance your chemicals.

If you decide to skip the professional call, be sure to get everything balanced! Here are the recommended chemical levels:

PH levels between 7.2 – 7.4
Total alkalinity from 80 – 120
Calcium hardness from 150 ppm – 250 ppm
Chlorine from 1 ppm – 3 ppm

5. Wait for the water to clear.

Clean your filter every single day until your pool water looks clear and perfect. With the right balance of chemicals, clean filters, and a running vacuum, you should have the perfect swimming pool for your holiday get-together!

If you have any questions about pool maintenance, we’re here to help! Give us a call today at 702-215-9508.

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